Halloween People Watching

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I love Halloween, but one thing I love the most is the chance to people watch.  Massage school changed me.  I noticed the change towards the end of my schooling when I parked at the gym and saw a woman running.  My thoughts were “her left patella is tracking laterally…hey she’s hot!”  When it came out in that order I realized what happened to my brain.  Ever since then I’ve been an avid people watcher.  As a teacher I make my students aware of postural and gait assessment.  At a past school I would take the students on a field trip to a mall for people watching.

There are several types of assessments.  Health history, palpation, postural, gait, active range of motion, passive range of motion, resisted range of motion, table assessments while they’re lying down, and special tests that are specific to an area.  You usually wouldn’t choose to do all assessments in a single session.  They are tools in your toolbox.  You have to learn when it is appropriate to use each, and if you choose to use them you must be capable of doing the assessment quickly.  Nobody wants to lose hands on time while you stumble through your assessment.

So you have to practice.  Halloween is a great opportunity to practice, because no one gets offended or defensive about your people watching.  It’s expected.  Enjoy your Halloween parties this weekend as a chance to sharpen your assessment tools.