Our Body: The Universe Within Deal

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From Our Body website

There are several body exhibits showing dissected cadavers preserved.  Here in Orlando we have Our Body showing at 7220 Universal Dr.  This event was here a few years ago at the Orlando Science Center.  This is the same show, but the exhibit size seems a little smaller.  It isn’t my favorite cadaver exhibit I’ve been to, but I can’t beat the proximity.  It probably won’t be here forever and will eventually move on.

Right now you can get a deal and visit the show for cheaper.  It is normally $20, but for the next week you can get a deal through Living Social or Amazon Local.  Here is the Living Social link.  Through Living Social you can see the exhibit for $9, or pay $17 and pair it with the CSI forensic exhibit.

Our Body is broken up by systems.  There are sections exploring all systems like respiratory, digestive, respiratory, urinary, circulatory, reproductive, and more.  When you first go in there is a cadaver in glass in longitudinal sections.  The next cadaver is in glass in transverse sections.  These really let you see the whole body from most angles.  The following sections really allow you to focus on specific anatomy.

There is also an audio tour available for $5.  I suggest it if your anatomy is weak, like someone who doesn’t really study or just beginning to study.  If you have a decent grasp on anatomy I wouldn’t get it.  It’s not an advanced anatomy audio tour.

Textbooks are a weak substitute for seeing these cadavers in person and at just $9 this is much cheaper than an anatomy textbook.  Once you have your Living Social deal there is no rush in using it.  If anything I would suggest you take time, go over textbooks, and make your anatomy stronger before going to see it.

Lastly, most wonder how gruesome is it.  It’s not really.  My sons loved going and want to go back again.  The method they use to preserve the cadavers make it almost seem synthetic.  The reproductive section is all the way in the back if you want to skip it.