MBLEx Content Changing

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Eventually most students prepare for license examination.  A few states have their own state exam they administer, but the majority use one of two tests.  These tests are made by two different boards, the NCBTMB and the FSMTB.  Some states allow you to obtain your license by taking the exam from either board.  Florida is one of the states that allows you to take either.  Well the MBLEx created by the FSMTB has decided to change its content effective July 1, 2014.

First I want to review the current breakdown:

  • Anatomy and physiology- 14%
  • Kinesiology- 11%
  • Pathology, contraindications, areas of caution, special populations- 13%
  • Benefits and physiological effects of techniques that manipulate soft tissue- 17%
  • Client assessment, reassessment and treatment planning- 17%
  • Overview of massage and bodywork history/culture/modalities- 5%
  • Ethics, boundaries, laws, regulations- 13%
  • Guidelines for professional practice- 10%

For a more complete breakdown see MBLEx content

The changes include the following:

  • Anatomy and physiology- 12% (reduced from 14%)
  • Benefits and physiological effects of techniques the manipulate soft tissue- 14% (reduced from 17%)
  • Ethics, boundaries, laws, regulations- 15% (increased from 13%)
  • Guidelines for professional practice- 13% (increased from 10%)
  • Healthcare related and medical terminology, currently under anatomy and physiology, will be revised and move under guidelines for professional practice.
  • Common pathologies, under pathology, will be revised

Not massive changes.  Recognize even though anatomy section is shrinking, part of what it’s losing isn’t really gone from the test, just moved to a different section.  Also notice the areas that are increasing.  If you think that your school’s business or professional development courses are just a waste of time then open your eyes.  You need to understand that material to be a successful therapist.  Massage school is too expensive to just burn out after two to three years.  If you want to last longer please take time to develop the business side of yourself.

The largest sections of the test, after the effective date, will be Client assessment, reassessment and treatment planning, followed by Ethics, boundaries, laws, regulations.  Guidelines for professional practice will also increase.  These three sections are where you’ll get scenario and dilemma questions.  The kind that make you think.  If you don’t master your anatomy and pathology you may have difficulty with assessments.  The ethics and practice guidelines sections combine for over a quarter of the test questions.   Is your attention in your professional development class (or whatever your school calls it) adequate?